Canterbury Tales

Author Chaucer, Geoffrey
ISBN 0-460-11307-0
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I really like this edition (ISBN 0-460-11307-0), for two reasons: First, it contains the original language and spelling, though harmonised (that is, words are spelled in an archaic manner, but each word will be spelled in one archaic manner throughout). Second, it is laid out in a manner that I find very pleasant and convenient: Single word explanations (translations, if you will) are given in marginal notes, where necessary; longer explanations (a sentence or two of context) are given in footnotes—not chapter endnotes, mind you, but proper footnotes. This means that very brief explanations are found at the ends of lines in the marginal, where your eye naturally travels anyway, and the longer ones are still accessible without the incessant flipping back and forth between text and endnotes that some books necessitate.