Phantoms in the Brain: Probing the mysteries of the human mind

Author Blakeslee, Sanda Ramachandran, V.S.
ISBN 978-0-688-17217-6
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I find books and essays on neuropathology intensely fascinating. The human brain is an almost inconceivably complicated organ, and until recently (and to large degree still) the only way we have of gaining insights into how it works is to study what happens when it fails. What happens when there is an injury to Broca’s area, or Wernicke’s; the thalamus or hypothalamus?

V.S. Ramachandran, no slouch in the diagnosis and treatment of brain injuries (inasmuch as anyone can), has written a truly fascinating book which starts with stories of patients and their ailments and proceeds to describe the insight this gives us into the working human brain by looking at the intimate specifics of the particular failures resulting from different types of injuries.

Very highly recommended.