The Bernese Mountain Dog

Author Crawford, Julia Dunbar, Ian McLennan, Bardi
ISBN 1-58245-162-1
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My girlfriend’s dream breed of dog, I read this mostly out of curiosity (though, well, I do like dogs, and maybe some day—). The book was kind of grating, though, chiefly in that the author seemed more concerned with singing the dog’s praises than actually conveying facts: not that the latter were lacking, but that they were tasty currants in an otherwise over-sweet and not very appetising cake. Sadly this seems pretty common in pet guides: The people who care enough to write them are so emotional about their pets in question that they appear constitutionally incapable of avoiding bubbling over with it.

The training chapter (written by Dr. Ian Dunbar) is great; the rest of the book I could take or leave, including the “guest chapters” by Bardi McLennan.