The First Harbinger

The First Harbinger

It stood by the dead tree, turning its head this way and that, then entered the clearing. … Pale light glinted now and then from its eyes, but although their cover was imperfect it seemed not to notice them. There was a frightening intelligence in its eyes…sharp and bright and filled with a palpable malevolence.

It appeared to be unarmed, though it was difficult to tell; it could easily be hiding an entire arsenal of knives and guns among the black rags and tatters of its garments. Only the hood was in marginally good shape, frayed around the edges but whole enough to conceal most of the Harbinger’s features. He could see a flash of pale skin, though; its chin, open to the light, was a deathly white, as were its thin lips. Finally giving up it hissed softly, flashing a set of white fangs, and stalked off in the brush.

Omen, the First Harbinger, is one of the most mysterious and resourceful servants of the sorcerer Nekros, a product of the Necromancer’s twisted magic. An undead creature possessed of both unnatural strength and a wicked cunning he hunts down relentlessly both those who oppose his master and those who fail him.

Ink pens over mechanical pencil sketch.

Copyright ©1995–2018 Petter Häggholm