Black Magic

Black Magic

A dark wizard hard at work; I'm not sure what he’s brewing, but I’m reasonably certain it's both more potent and more malicious than your average witch’s brew.

This picture was drawn as a (very belated) Christmas gift for my good friend Sheepy, who is in possession of the original (and who scanned it for me after my scan mysteriously disappeared), for which reason I put more effort into the details than I normally do (though unfortunately, many of those details are somewhat too small to show up well at this resolution). She requested something representative of what I like to draw: Goblins and eyeballs and stuff—voilà!

Other than a horrible mistake in inking, mostly covered up (but still present and as you see it), I'm rather pleased with it. Ah, and incidentally, the imp and cherub are the classical cartoon representations of the wizard’s conscience.

Ink pens over mechanical pencil sketch.

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